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[Rezension] Chester Peace - End of time


Titel: End of time
Autor: Chester Peace
erschienen im: Selfpublished
Seiten: 361 Seiten
Preis (Stand 01/19): 11,11€ zum Beispiel bei amazon


After the world ends in a storm, Sashua is transported to a land of fog and memory where life and death no longer mean anything. When he learns that the love of his life is here as well, he sets out to find the one thing that truly matters to him and take care of his unfinished business. Plagued by visions of a black-robed stranger in a top hat and accompanied by other lost souls whom he feels driven to lead and rescue, Sashua needs to endure the crushing weight of his recollections and withstand dangers in an alien world without time.

Meine Meinung:

Since I just finished this book which was written in english - it only makes sense to write this review in english as well. After all - my inner language is still set to english. Be gentle with me though, it has been quite a bit, since I last wrote an entire text in english xD
Very well, onto medias res - I published a picture on instagram showing some books by Stephen King  a little while ago and I was rambling on and on about how I am the biggest chicken when it comes to horror. Seriously, I get frightened oh so easily. Mr Peace then, the author of the soon to be reviewed book shot me a message in respond to this picture and he asked if I was interested in reading his book. I guess he sort of wanted to convince me that horror books are not that bad after all, and since he was such a lovely person I womaned up and read End of time. 

What can I say? I did not dislike it. Much to my surprise.

I did like that the horror aspect in this book was not a straight punch into your face, that it was very sublte, but constantly growing throughout the plot. It was a perfect crescendo, building up suspension up until the end (which btw was a complete surprise for me at the time - although in retrospection it was the only logical end to it).
I had some problems finding my way into the story at first, I can't really put my finger on why that was, maybe because it was so unlike everything I normally read, but once I allowed the story to get me - it got me and the largest amount of my read was done in one sitting.
I liked the writing style, you can tell that the author is rather smart and intelligent, and even for a non-native speaker as myself, it was an easy, quick read.
So in the end I am happy I gave End of time a chance. As I said, it was nothing like I normally read, but it was definitley an enoyable story, no book I would read again - but a book I would certainly recommend to anybody who enjoys the genre, I think I would even recommend it to people like me :-)


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